The G4 Transdermal System

 BioPhysics has developed the most advanced patch less, chemically active transdermal drug delivery technology called G4. We believe, with this new technology we can transdermally deliver actives that have never been delivered through the skin before. This new technology is so powerful that is can be thought of as a liquid needle


  • G4 technology can precisely control the dose of the drug to be delivered.
  • G4 technology can target the drugs delivery into localized tissue or into the blood stream.
  • The G4 technology platform applies to drugs that have never before been delivered transdermally, potentially as much as 90% of the pharmacopeia, further eliminating competition from other transdermal companies.
  • G4 technology can be engineered to have a very quick systemic delivery of the drug or a prolonged delivery to maximize the safety and efficacy of the drug
  • The gel or cream based system completely disappears within 60 seconds (no messy residue or smell) eliminating any issues with bathing, the environment, cross contamination with other people.
  • The efficiency of the G4 system allows substantially less drug to be used than either patches or oral delivery.
  • The G4 system allows patent recovery for the active drug once it is formulated into G4
  • G4 delivered drugs have the ease and convenience of an oral pill without the discomfort  of a patch.
  • G4 technology avoids the gastro-intestinal issues and first pass liver effect associated with oral pills.
  • G4 is inexpensive to manufacture with a COGS 1/10th of patch COGSpossible.

In fact, BioPhysics G4 portfolio is superior to patch technology due to the inherent limitations of patches:

  • Patches are a passive system relying on diffusion to allow a drug to move across the skin.
  • Patch technology is highly limited as far as its applicability and only works for about 15 drugs.
  • Patches can deliver few drugs and even with these drugs they only work where precise dosing is not important
  • Patches can’t control the rate of diffusion of the drug and it varies widely from patient to patient and even with the same patient from day to day.
  • The rate of diffusion from a patch can be impacted by local environmental conditions which can radically change the diffusion rate. For example if the patient exercises, sweats, is in a cold temperature or hot temperature environment the rate of delivery can change significantly.  This has been a tremendous problem with drugs like fentanyl.
  • Patches cause skin trauma due to the adhesives and the constant application and removal which can be significant over time.
  • Patches can be uncomfortable, unsightly and inconvenient
  • Patches don’t enhance the patentability or patent life of a drug.
  • Patches are expensive to manufacture with a COGS approximately 10 fold greater than the G4 system.

Thus, BioPhysics believes that with our G4 drug delivery platform we can, in a risk controlled manner, quickly and inexpensively bring a significant portfolio of drugs to the market place.  Further, we believe that since these drug products address major market disease states, BioPhysics could generate substantial near term net profits.  The accomplishment of these goals will allow BioPhysics to emerge as a major specialty pharmaceutical company with the ability to impact the global pharmaceutical marketplace.