G4 Technology Mode Of Action

BioPhysics technology platform is centered around its G4 transdermal technology. G4 is a patchless, chemically active system designed to deliver drugs through the skin and into the blood stream or deep local tissue either quickly or over a prolong period.  This technology has demonstrated its capability to deliver drugs that have never before been delivered transdermally. The G4 cream or lotion can precisely control dosing and is designed to rapidly penetrate the outer layer of the skin (60 seconds or so) without any residue or odor. This technology is designed to have the convenience of pills with the safety of transdermals (no stomach bleed, first pass liver effect and targeted dosing), and efficacy surpassing all other delivery systems.


The G4 technology works by using emulsion technology that contains penetration agents, basement membrane disruptors, vasodilators and the active drug. The emulsion system is sufficiently labile to overcome the hydrophilic and lipophilic structures in skin utilizing the penetration agents and basement membrane disruptors to open up channels sufficient to transport the drug and vasodilator deep into the dermis. Once in the dermis, vasodilators dilate the capillary bed creating up to a 450% increase in fluid dynamic flow into and out of the application site. This increased fluid dynamics transports the active drug into the blood stream.