BioPhysics’ science team is focused on two activities:

  1. Creating innovative chemical emulsions and solutions as compounding bases each one designed for a specific API. Most bases are produced as a one size fits all for APIs with certain base chemical structures. This does not necessarily work efficiently with each specific API. By contrast, BioPhysics’ bases are custom designed specifically for each API and its specific chemical nature with an eye toward the mode of delivery intended for that API by the prescribing physician and compounder.
  2. Distributing the bases and APIs to the FDA registered compounders in a manner that compliments their FDA quality requirements. This means that:
    • All bases are produced with USP ingredients and those ingredients are made available to the compounder and prescriber to avoid negative interactions;
    • The bases are manufactured in an FDA prescriptive registered cGMP facility;
    • All API’s are USP and revalidated and repackaged in a cGMP facility pursuant to cGMP requirements; and,
    • Bases and API’s are packaged in quantities allowing for the compounder to easily control dosing while mixing.

Welcome to the next generation of customized medicine for the unmet medical needs of your patient population.